Tuesday, July 21, 2009

5 Months

Well, I am not sure how it is you are 5 months old already because it really has flown by.  You are getting bigger by the moment and weighing in at 15 pounds, and about 25 inches (a not so accurate measurement done by yours truly).  

You are now eating rice cereal in the morning and either sweet potatoes, peas or bananas in the evening.  I have to hold your hands when feeding you because you would prefer to grab the spoon and do it yourself (much like your big sister).  You are sometimes sleeping the entire night through but mostly you are getting up once to eat. We often catch you sleeping on your side as if you were much older than 5 months. 

You laugh when I blow bubbles on your belly, and smile at anyone that talks to you.  Your face lights up and breaks into a big open mouth grin when you see your sister.  I hope that will always be the case.  

You can roll over both ways now, especially if there is a toy you are trying to reach.  You have been practicing sitting up or what I like to call baby teasers.  You are able to grab hold of your pacifier and put it in your mouth, and get frustrated when it ends up in your hand backwards. You are still a very happy, easy going baby and we're hoping those traits stick.  
And to honor my usual ToT post, here's ten of my favorites from this months photo shoot. (I apologize to non-family members for the excessiveness).

1.  It's kind of wet here, do I have to put my hands down?
2.  Same pose as your sister's 5 month pictures, even down to the placement of your feet and hands!
3.  Oh such a pretty face you have!  (I can say that right?)
4.  Do you have to keep clicking that thing in my face?
5.  Well, it looks like I might be here a while so let me just lay back and chill.
6.  Chilling is over.  One of the last pictures of round one, and how I knew the photo shoot was near its end.
7.  The beginning of round 2.  An almost smile, we're getting close!
8.  Why am I up here again?
9. Yea, a smile with your eyes open!
10.  The end of our 5 month photo shoot.  
(Don't worry she was all smiles again once I picked her up.)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Three and a Half

You had a Half Birthday on Thursday and although your sister turned 5 months old that day, we are going to start with you, (being the oldest and all).  
What can I say...it's late, I'm tired, and trying to eat dinner and blog at the same time!   Check back tomorrow for Lorelei's post.

Kelsea Rae Stats:  35 pounds, 40 inches tall
As these pictures show, you love being outside and are especially fond of the beach.  Although you did tell me tonight that you did not want to go on a boat because you were scared that it wouldn't bring you back home.  I have no idea where you got that idea from.  

I also made the mistake of telling you that the author of your tree book (The Giving Tree) is no longer here on Earth but is living in heaven (since you wanted to know all about the the man on the back of your book).  On the way home from school today you said you did not want to go to heaven like the man on the back of your tree book, because you can't take your pictures with you. I love that it's the pictures you are most worried about, and second to that was whether or not we would be there too.  

You are still as strong-willed and determined as ever.  You know what you want, and you work really hard to ensure you get it...even though you don't always do.  Your new favorite show is Back to the Barnyard, which makes Mommy and Daddy really happy since we actually enjoy watching it!  You love books, coloring, playing pretend and all things pink (still).  You only wear dresses and sometimes skirts.  Lorelei is going to have quite a few unworn shorts and pants handed down to her...hopefully she will wear them.  You still want to do everything yourself, to include opening up your own cheese stick (as your Aunt and Uncle discovered).

You are the sweetest big sister.  As soon as your sister starts crying you are the first to try and comfort her.  You sing songs to her, help feed, burp, and bathe her.   I can't remember a time I've seen you jealous or upset at her.  I am thoroughly amazed at your capacity to love her at this age.
Kelsea Rae, you are a constant reminder to us of what really matters. You force us to look at life in new and exciting ways.  Yes you challenge us, and often wear us all out, but we wouldn't want it any other way. We are looking forward to the next half of your fourth year.  We know it will be full of more love and surprises!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1.  If you want to LOL go see Hangover.

2.  On our staycation, we enjoyed a quiet morning reading the Sunday paper and sipping coffee (that's actually still hot).

3. It was eerily quiet all weekend without the girls.  Were we bored a lot before they were born?

4.  I did get to read three magazines this weekend, while basking in the sun (with a large brim hat, sunglasses and spf 85).

5.  Our iMacs arrived Saturday.  Wallis was nice enough to get them all set up for us (while I did #4).  Ok, so the 24 inch monitor might be a bit excessive, but OMG the picture is amazing!  

6.  Lorelei is now officially done with her harness.  All measurements came back completely normal!  Hallelujah!

7.  I wish my friend was still here to take these 5 month photos of Lorelei this weekend.  It may take me a few tries to get one I love of Lorelei as much as these.    
8.  I think this may have been the beginning of their friendship.
9. Thanks Steve & Jennie for babysitting Friday night so that Wallis and I could overindulge ourselves at Chez Melange.

10.  And we are very grateful to Grandma & Grandpa for taking the girls so that Wallis and I could have some time for us.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

In a Decade

we have lived in three states, two apartments and three homes
we adopted Jordan, bought Reilly, fostered numerous kittens and dogs, and rescued Emily
we changed jobs 6 times (most of those being yours)
we said goodbye to some loved ones
we had two beautiful girls.

Feels like a lifetime ago that we got married and yet somehow it still feels like it was yesterday. 

What a wonderful life we have built together!  I am so thankful to be married to someone who understands me, knows me, and loves me just the same.

Happy Anniversary hon.  I love you more than I thought I ever could.  To many more decades...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I have some catching up to do this post! Wallis and I got a bad case of stomach flu two weekends ago, and instead of downloading photos and editing them, I was confined to the couch, desperately trying to stay awake long enough to ensure Kelsea didn't harm herself (or Lorelei).

2. First up, Father's Day! We had a wonderful day and were very glad to have Wallis' Dad here to celebrate. Here's some of Kelsea and her Daddy. See the resemblance?
3. That afternoon we headed to my cousin Cari's High School Graduation Party. Congratulations Cari! And thanks to Aunt Robie for the photos!
4. Wallis and his Dad's Birthday was Thursday, his brother's was on Friday, and his Grandmother's was on Saturday. Happy Birthday everyone! Thanks Cathy for the yummy carrot cake recipe--it was a hit.
5. My little Octopus singing "The Slippery Fish" song at her end of school year performance. With as many times as we heard Kelsea practicing, it is safe to say that Wallis and I also could have stood up there and sung along.
6. Lorelei had her first meal of rice cereal two weeks ago. The first couple of times she was much more interested in sucking the spoon than what was actually on the spoon. Now she can't get enough of it! Next month-vegetables!
7. Wallis took Kelsea to see Ice Age III on Sunday. This one seemed to go over better with her than Up. Although the dinosaurs did scare her some.

8. Our ten year anniversary is Friday and we are having a STAYCATION. My parents are taking the girls Saturday & Sunday, while we vege out at the beach and sleep in! Nothing as exciting as what our friends are doing for their ten year on Friday, but looking forward to it nonetheless.

9. For our anniversary we got ourselves new computers. I got the 24 inch iMac and Wallis got the 20 inch (since he mostly uses his laptop from work). I'm a little worried about transitioning from PC to Mac but I can't wait for them to get here!

10. We are happy to report that Lorelei is (unofficially) done wearing her harness. The radiologist on Friday said everything looked normal (and that actually her last ultrasound looked fine too). We find out officially when we see her orthopedic surgeon on Friday. Yea!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

Kelsea was so excited about "America's Birthday". Mostly because we were "having a party" and going to the beach with our lovely friends!
Sara chasing after Jake and Adam.
We missed Paul since he had to work (like most firefighters), but luckily Sara's Mom, Angela was visiting from Texas. With all these kids we could use another pair of hands (especially when it comes to the all important job of building sandcastles)!
And of course burying our kids in the sand! Kelsea was all about Adam yesterday. Watch out Nate you may have some competition! The Bolanders also joined us at the beach with their three boys in tow. Here's Johnnie dragging his Daddy toward the waves. Yep, I can definitely see why Rick has some back issues.
Joey was not so sure about the oceanThe littlest babes at the beach, Lorelei & Jimmy Kelsea's favorite past time, running in and out of the waves
And thanks to Cathy for taking a couple family photos!We then headed back for some warm baths and yummy food (even though I have no pictures to show for it).

After our friends headed home for naps, we made our way later that day to our friend Alissa's house for a potluck block party. They even rented a jumper with a slide--Kelsea was in heaven!
The girls with Alissa's baby, Landon. Hard to believe he's only 3 months older than Lorelei!
My beautiful girls on Lorelei's first 4th of July! We hope everyone had a fun and festive 4th of July!