Thursday, December 27, 2007

We are sad today

So we found out this morning that Kelsea's caregiver, Ms. Teri Kennedy passed away last night. I'm still having trouble digesting that the person who has been diapering, feeding and caring for our little girl will no longer be there when I drop her off in the morning.

It seems as if Kelsea knew something was wrong because each time a caregiver walked into her room, she brought over a baby for them to hold. They all said she was the most caring child today. I guess kids just have a sense when we are sad and need someone to love on. We will miss you dearly Teri!

Here's a picture of Teri from the Halloween parade pulling a wagon full of kids around the base, holding a bag full of candy

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas with The Loves

Saturday morning we drove to Bakersfield to have Christmas with Grampa Steve's family. Mama took her new point and shoot "travel" camera, which was nice not having to lug around the big camera bag, but the pictures just don't turn out as nice. I guess that's the trade-off...

Uncle Steve & Kelsea
My Uncle Dinato , Gramma Laurie & Uncle Steve Aunt Niki knows the key to my daughter's heart: DIP!Kelsea with my cousin (which I think makes her Kelsea's second cousin?) Daniella reading a Christmas storyMy Aunt Susan, Daniella & Kelsea Opening one of her many Christmas gifts! Thanks Craig, Niki & David, Julie & Bruce, Susan & Dinato, and Pop & Barbara for all her wonderful presents! She is enjoying all of them!

Return later for more Christmas posts...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Oh Dear, Twenty-Three Months

Today you and Dada got to have some bonding time while Mama got a manicure/pedicure with her friends Cathy & Sara for our annual Christmas Ornament exchange. I actually made it home without chipping any nails! Thanks girls for such a nice afternoon, you really are the best! (And Wallis for babysitting!) (-:

So back to you turned 23 mos old, and Mama still hasn't started planning your 2nd Birthday...but no worries Kels, it will be fantastic! I hear you practicing singing "Happy Birthday" in your crib so I know you are ready for your party!

It's hard to believe that I will no longer be addressing your age in months. You will just be "two". In a few weeks you'll be moving from the "pre-toddler" room to the "toddler" room, which I guess officially makes you a toddler...sigh...But, I guess change is good because you have only gotten more fun, and more sweet as each month passes.

In fact, you were a very helpful girl today. Besides helping Mama clean and water her plants, you helped Dada get groceries at TJs and make a yummy Mexican Lasagna for dinner! Thanks Kels for making these the most joyful 23 mos! We love you!

Watering Mama's potted plants, although I think your clothes got most of the water...
I think a little someone is sampling some of the food she is cooking...

Hi Alla, Hi Alla, Hi Alla. That's how I got Kelsea to stand still for one second, was by telling her that we were sending this picture to Alla, through the computer. That made her very excited....I wonder how many times I can use that tactic?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Family Haircut Day

So this afternoon, we all headed down to the salon to get haircuts, family style. Yep, even Wallis skipped a trip to Supercuts this month and got himself a "real" haircut. Connie has been cutting my Mom & I's hair for over 15 years, so why not add another generation into the mix?!

Kelsea did AMAZING! As you could tell from her expression, she was extremely fascinated (or extremely terrified) of the whole ordeal. Either way it proved successful!

Here's a couple "before photos"

It's your turn Kelsea! Give Mama your Fruit Bar...

And the ponytails come out...
Let the cutting begin!
Kelsea was even fine with Connie blow drying her hair!Showing off the new do
What a good looking duo!
And this is how I know Kelsea's coming back to see Connie. Her first Ring Pop - Cherry Flavored, and she licked every last bit of it. Thanks Connie for doing such a great job with Kelsea (and Wallis too).

Monday, December 3, 2007

Ten on Tuesday - Better than cake?

1. Kelsea loves cake (actually anything sweet...see previous Halloween post), but I'm not sure she loves anything (mom & dad included) as much as she does yogurt. So today's post is a tribute to yogurt...who knew something created over 4,500 years ago would still be the first great love of our daughter's life!

2. Stop taking my picture Mama, this yogurt eating is serious business...3. Ok, so maybe not that serious
6. Uh-oh, I'm getting towards the end...I still see some down at the bottom
7. I guess the spoon just wasn't doing the job

8. Why have a spoonful, when you can have a handful instead?

9. Tongue-lick'n good!

10. Now go out and have yourself a cup of thick n' creamy yogurt--I hear it's the best!