Monday, December 3, 2007

Ten on Tuesday - Better than cake?

1. Kelsea loves cake (actually anything sweet...see previous Halloween post), but I'm not sure she loves anything (mom & dad included) as much as she does yogurt. So today's post is a tribute to yogurt...who knew something created over 4,500 years ago would still be the first great love of our daughter's life!

2. Stop taking my picture Mama, this yogurt eating is serious business...3. Ok, so maybe not that serious
6. Uh-oh, I'm getting towards the end...I still see some down at the bottom
7. I guess the spoon just wasn't doing the job

8. Why have a spoonful, when you can have a handful instead?

9. Tongue-lick'n good!

10. Now go out and have yourself a cup of thick n' creamy yogurt--I hear it's the best!


Megan said...

Oh that is so funny. All three of mine love yogurt too. Jamie will only eat the chocolate whipped kind though. Is that a surprise? Great pictures.

A.K. said...

Hey Katie! I saw on Megan's comments that you got a blog. I know J.J. has been trying to get you to get one for a while!

Just wanted to say Welcome to the blogging world- you are going love it!

-A.K. Alexander (Scott Alexander's wife)

J.J. Killins said...

i know another kid who happens to LOVE thick n creamy. in ANY flavor.

Wallis Laughrey said...

Dang thats a good looking kid!