Sunday, August 16, 2009

6 Months (and 43 Months)!

I have no idea what happened between last month's post and today, but somehow an entire month rolled by with no blog post!   Yes, I am having bad mom guilt, but I am determined to do better this month.  I sure wish I had their sleep gene, then I would have at least 2-3 more hours to get stuff done every day. 

Lorelei's stats:  26.5 in long (75th), 15 lbs 7 oz (50th), and still a tiny head (5th percentile).  Yep she's got my head too.  

You are eating 2-3 fruits or veggies every day, and so far there isn't one that you haven't liked, although you favor the fruits.  You are babbling a ton, and coming close to sitting up on your own without plopping over.  You put everything in your mouth, but your favorites are your foot, your fist, and my hair. You took down the entire household with the lovely cold you gave us last week, yet we could hardly tell you were sick.  We are waiting for a tooth (or two) to pop through, but we are enjoying your gummy smile for now.  I'm still amazed at how easy going you are.  I can't really say where you inherited that from since we all know your parents are not really the laid back kind.  Although it's only been six months, we're starting to forget what life was like before you were born.  It certainly couldn't have been as sweet as it is now.

Here's a few from today:
And a couple of them together.  There were so many photos where just one of them looked really cute.  I don't know how large families ever get one photo where all the kids are at least looking at the camera (let alone smiling).
And a couple of Kelsea, who is now 43 months old (or 3 years, 7 months)!