Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Two weeks ago

somebody turned 10 months old. And although there were plenty of pictures snapped to document this double-digit milestone, the holidays (among other things) interfered with my ability to actually post them! 

So here's a few updates this month:

Weighing 21.5 pounds (with clothes on and a huge meal in your belly), so lets just call it 20.5 pounds instead.   I'm sure your taller too, but measuring you is just not as easy as it once was so I think we'll wait until your one year appointment.  Hard to believe I'm writing one year.

Eating everything (that you can feed yourself).  We are buying a lot less yogurt.

Two new teeth have appeared on the top with two more on their way, which is making you a little grumpy.

We have made it halfway through flu season with just a couple runny noses.  In fact you still haven't been sick with anything other than a little cold.  Yes I'm knocking on wood.

You enjoy waving at just about anyone, and smile and giggle as if pleased with your new found talent.

You can stand without holding on to anything.  

You scream in delight when you are walking (whether it's us or a push toy you are holding on to).  Not that we are trying to encourage this kind of behavior.  We are perfectly content with the crawling phase.  

You have rekindled a love of the pacifier.  You had not used them in over 2 months and just when I was thinking about packing them up you discovered all their glory.  Sure makes diaper and clothing changes much quieter.  

You love giving us kisses, the mouth wide open kind.  I guess the puckering of the lips is a hard thing to learn at this age, which is okay by all three of us who can't seem to get enough of them!

And of course the same day Lorelei turned 10 months old, our not-so-baby-girl turned 47 months.  31 days (17 now) away from turning 4. Gosh 4 sounds so old (relatively).  Just a year and half left before "real" school.  
After taking pictures of the two of them, I got the ole "Mom I'm done taking pictures."  And begging and pleading proved unsuccessful.  I'll have to hold Disneyland over her head at next month's photo shoot. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Penny update:  still waiting for it's arrival.  Looks like we will be taking Kelsea to get an x-ray this week.

2. We went ahead and saw Fantastic Mr. Fox on Saturday.  It was fantastic.  I think Wallis and I might have enjoyed it more than Kelsea.  Maybe if there was a princess thrown into the mix she would have been more excited about it?

3. While Lorelei was napping on me I asked Wallis to take some Thanksgiving pictures of the family before it got too dark.  This is what I came home with.  Not really what I had in mind to remember this Thanksgiving by...

I think Kelsea might be a better photographer than Wallis...
4. Inspired by an article I read on Thanksgiving, I spent my Sunday afternoon furiously making over our refrigerator.  I must have been feeling guilty about our Thanksgiving feast, but whatever the inspiration was, I'm pretty pleased with the result.
Here's the full length view:
And a close up of the yummy, healthy stuff:
5. Wallis was nice enough to make this delicious recipe from the same magazine.  We (actually that would be Wallis) is going to try this one on Saturday

6. I ate a cricket today.  
Are you asking why?  All for 100 points.  Want to know what the points are for?  Okay read on.  We (my office at work) went on a very thorough scavenger hunt through downtown Long Beach this afternoon.  This included a session of Dance, Dance Revolution, a game of Skeetball, a three seat bike ride, dressing up in a sumo wrestler bodysuit (hilarious), many pictures of random paraphernalia and several stops to stores/restaurants to find our next clue (12 to be exact).  I must admit the cricket eating place (Hot Licks) was my least favorite, and the "sour cream & onion flavor" didn't really help the fact I was eating a dried-up, crunchy bug.  Was it worth it?  Yes, we won. :-)

7. Lorlei will no longer let us spoon feed her (so much for all that baby food I just bought!)  This is what it looks like when she feeds herself.  
8. Due to the fridge makeover consuming my Sunday, I didn't quite get to the Christmas decorating as planned.  We at least got the advent calendar up tonight, so Kelsea will be happily surprised in the morning.

9. I still have two more November magazines before I get to my December ones.  Does anyone else have this problem?

10. Uh-oh, Kelsea is awake and crying and coming up the stairs...which means she will be snuggling with us tonight.  Does anyone else have this problem?