Thursday, April 24, 2008

Not Mine (Just Making that Clear)

Yea! Alissa and Bryan (Kelsea's Godparents) are expecting their first baby this fall. He (or maybe she) is expected to arrive late October (or maybe early November). Here's one of Baby Opfer's first pictures. The technician's preliminary guess is baby boy, but they'll know for sure in another month.

OB offices now do two thorough ultrasounds with measurements, one between 11-13 weeks, and one between 18-20 weeks. I love that! Especially since it takes about 20-30 minutes for the technician and doctor to do all the measurements, giving you lots of time to see your new love!

Congratulations Opfers you are going to be such great parents!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ten on Tuesday - Henning Edition

So here's more photos from the weekend with the Hennings:

1. Beau is by far one of the most easy going and happiest babies I've met...and yes we are hoping, actually praying for a "Beau" for our second. I wonder what it would be like to have a mellow baby/toddler...please god let us find out! :-)
2. More playing at the park
3. I think Beau is enjoying the swing?
4. Too sweet!
5. I know someone else who enjoys swinging as much as Beau!
6.7. And our child is part monkey. She threw a fit because we wouldn't let her drop to the ground without Wallis catching her at the bottom. I tried to explain that waiting in the ER with a broken leg really isn't how she would want to spend her Saturday, but she still didn't believe me.
9. Isn't Ava just beautiful, crazy hair and all!?
10. Such a lovely new friend Kelsea has made!
11. And look a bonus shot! The beautiful couple that had those sweet, gorgeous kids! All dressed up and ready to go to the wedding - ALONE! And yes we babysat all three kids and survived. To be honest it was easy, all three kids were fantastic that night.
Thanks for a fun weekend Hennings! See you in San Antonio next month!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

A New Friend

The Hennings stayed with us this weekend, and Kelsea just adored Miss Ava Scarlett! Here's a few of the two of them playing like they've always know each other!

Ready, set, go!
Hold on tight girls, you're going for a spin!Apples, do taste better this way Mom
Where did Kelsea & Ava go?There they are!

Lots more pictures to edit, so came back soon and take a look at more photos with the Hennings!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Asleep on the Ottoman

So this is a first for me, two blog posts in one night! But how could I not share this photo? This is how Wallis found Kelsea at 10:40pm tonight when we went to go check on her. Really? Does that look comfortable? I can't even take a guess as to why/how she ended up there of all places? Strange thing is, I had just checked on her at 9pm and she was sound asleep in her bed!
And for those of you that don't know, we took the front part of the crib off on Monday, and she has been doing great about staying in her bed at night...until now that is...and don't worry she's now back in her bed (asleep).

Hot, Hot, Hot

The paper said it was suppose to be 78 degrees at the beach this weekend, but I swear it was much hotter. And trust me on that one, because we were outside for most of it.

Here's what Kelsea looked like after a day at the beach. She was very tired after making so many new friends. We met, Ty (3) & Kate (18 mos), whose grandparents were watching them while their parents were in Hawaii. (Just a slight hint of jealousy). Next we met Kaden (16 mos) whose parents live in Irvine, but have family right near us. Finally, we met Erica a mother of four girls (they were trying for a boy with the third and got twin girls-HA-HA!) So that's how our day at the beach went. Little Miss Social Butterfly, would just walk right up to a random family and start playing with their kids (actually their toys). Until she got bored and moved on to the next family...
Today, we decided to try hanging out in the backyard. I bought this pool at the end of last summer for $7 at Longs ended up being much bigger than I expected...but she seemed to enjoy herself...not such a bad investment
Reilly is the smart one, and found a little bit of shade to relax under (left hand corner by gate)

And as if that wasn't enough time in the sun, we went to Cory & Kristina's home to celebrate Kristina's Birthday! Happy Birthday Kristina!! I was told that Kelsea was destined to be a track star with as many laps as she ran around the pool (with mom trailing behind, shouting, "Kelsea don't run, slow down, you could slip and fall, please be careful,"...yah right mom...)

Hope you weekend was as fun-filled as ours!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Ask and you shall receive, Megan & Cathy. Here's a "family photo" taken by my Aunt Robie. Who btw is my hero...two days after the event I got a CD in the mail of all the photos she took!

2. Trust me, these cupcakes tasted as good as they look!
3. And the food was amazing (of course) thanks to my Uncle Dinato who did all the catering.
4. Here's a picture of the men, looking quite stylish in their pink ties and brown Chucks!
5. And the women are looking beautiful in their pink and brown dresses (that they will actually be able to wear again!)
6. Kelsea was entertained (for a few minutes anyway) dancing to the string quartet.
7. Well, here's what made it official...the marriage certificate. Which I mailed certified mail yesterday, so no worries Steve and Jennie that the marriage isn't "real."
8. Have I mentioned how happy I am for my brother?9. And for the first time in 30 years, I can say I have a sister. Sounds pretty nice.
10. Hard to believe it's been almost 9 years that Wallis and I have been married, and just over 39 years for my parents! Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be...R. Browning

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Here Comes the Sun

That's the song Jennie walked down the aisle to just as the sun was peeking out from the clouds. And this is the look my brother had on his face, when he saw her...

What a beautiful bride (and the best sister-in-law you could ever ask for...if I may add)
The happy couple's first MARRIED kiss-woohoo!
Pure bliss
Kelsea was quite the trooper, with no nap and all (we had to be at the wedding at 10am and we didn't get home until after 3pm). I can't take credit for her good behavior though, she got a lot of help from the crowd. She spent the first half of the reception with her god-parents, Alissa and Bryan. They kept her entertained with bread and a few walks around the garden.
The second half of the reception, Kelsea spent with my aunts. Who brought her lots of goodies to keep her entertained. At least someone was thinking, because it sure wasn't her parents! Isn't she just gorgeous? Cousin Cari was the real trooper though, she carried Kelsea around for hours! (Hopefully someone got a picture of the two of them). I think Kelsea was hoping she was going to go home with her, and was greatly disappointed to find out she was stuck with Mom & Dad. It's been a long day, but probably even longer for the new "Loves." We love you both dearly and are so happy for you! It was such a wonderful day. I don't think I've seen Stevie any happier. Congratulations and welcome to the family Jennie!