Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Round Three - Beach Day

Amazingly it was 80 degrees at the beach, a perfect day for chasing waves and digging holes in the sand. And with it being a Friday in October, there was hardly anyone else there-the beach was ours!

Can you tell how much fun she had with Alla?

They even slept in the same room together (and yes they actually slept).

Bath time and meal time just haven't been the same without her friend there.

Kelsea has even started wearing ponytails in hair again.

Maybe I can get Kelsea into a pair of pants this winter after all...
And Kelsea was all about holding Alla's hand.

On walks, crossing the street, at Disneyland, in the parking lot...

I think she would have held her hand while sleeping if she could have.
Kelsea can't stop talking about her friend Alla, and all the things they did together, and all the things they are going to do together. She doesn't quite understand that a 4 hour plan ride is a very, very far distance for Alla to go to the pumpkin patch, go-trick or-treating, ride bikes, take baths or go to the park together. All things she has told me this week (mostly while driving home from work) that she wants Alla to do with her. But don't worry Kels, you'll see her again soon...
And hopefully this little guy too...I think Cardinal and Gold is looking pretty good on him Ron...
Okay, so maybe he'd be happier in blue and yellow...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Round Two - Disneyland

Two months ago Kelsea pooped her way to Disneyland. A very proud moment for the Laughrey family. So what better way to celebrate that great achievement than to spend a day at the Happiest Place on Earth and with such wonderful friends!
Kelsea and Alla in line to see the princesses
As we waited in line to see the princesses, Wallis got to hold happy, gum-smiling Fisher. I'm sure his conversation went something like this..."you would never make me stand in line for an hour to see Cinderella would you? No, we would go on all the cool fun rides wouldn't we?!"
But the look on Kelsea's face when she got to meet both Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty was well worth the wait. And it's by far what she talks most about her trip to Disneyland.
Besides seeing the princesses, and dancing with a few of the others we finally went on some rides. This was taken after a trip on the horsies (pink of course).
We also went on pink Dumbo, Snow White, Winne the Pooh, Haunted Mansion and Pirates.

And to finish off a HOT 90 degree day in Anaheim, this Mama had a COLD and yummy frozen lemonade (thanks Ron). Kelsea decided on a lollipop (over ice cream?) that she barely put a dent in.

And what better way to end a day at Disney than to find Mary Poppins at the exit. She was so excited she could barely say hello! If only they knew how many times we have watched them on our TV and how many times we have danced and flown to "Let's Go Fly a Kite" before bedtime!
Align LeftAnd besides all that Kelsea turned 33 months old...just 3 months shy of 3 years old. We should have bet on the number 3 that day.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Round One - Veterans Park

We were blessed to have friends visiting last week (actually it was almost two weeks ago).

The first to arrive were the Stahrs from Colorado. Since it was a Federal Holiday (shout out to Columbus) Kelsea and I took a walk to Veterans Park to meet up with this beautiful family. Felt like they had never left CA...
You want me to push you Mazie?
Hard to believe this little guy was just 4 mos old when they left...

and now he's walking, dancing, climbing and chasing after the birds!The girls especially had fun on this running contraption
And in case you couldn't tell from the previous picture, Kelsea had a ball!And it looks like Jamie & Mazie did too!
Besides swinging (of course) Kelsea is a fan of twirling on this
Just watching her made me nauseated
Thanks for a lovely afternoon at the park Stahrs--we miss you!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. This is what my belly looked like at 22 weeks with Kelsea:
This is what I look like with her sister at 22 weeks (who will hopefully have a name soon). Ok so you're right Cathy, I'm bigger this time around, but still small (if I may do say so myself)! (-:
2. My official due date is Feb 8th, but my ultrasounds are measuring me later than that (~12th). The good news is my doctor said I could go two weeks past my due date if needed. My goal is to go into labor naturally and not get induced this time...we'll see how that birth plan works out....

3. Kelsea has gone two straight months of only wearing dresses or skirts. Gosh I'll be sad if she doesn't wear any of those cute pant outfits that I bought her for this fall/winter. Although with it being 80 degrees at the beach this week, I'm not sure I need to worry about her needing to wear pants anytime soon!

4. Per a request from Aunt Julie, here's a picture of our "firstborn" Jordan. Kelsea just finished explaining to Ju-Ju that he needed to look at Mommy and say cheese. Don't worry no animals were harmed in the taking of this photo.
5. Kelsea is very excited about her friend Alla coming to stay. She told me they were going to sleep next to each other in the same bed and play games all night! Ha!

6. Thanks to my friend Jen, who suggested going to Tanaka Farms, in Irvine, CA for pumpkin picking! Who knew that there was a REAL pumpkin patch this close to LA? In the spring, they have pick your own strawberries, and in the summer it's watermelon. We might have to visit again!

7. We were a little concerned when after finding our way through the corn maze Kelsea was already rubbing her eyes. Oh please let there be no meltdowns!
8. But after a ride in the wagon, she perked right up.
9. Her favorite part of the trip was the petting zoo. She was especially fond of the baby goats, but she made sure to say hello to all of the animals.
10. And after all that we didn't even pick out a pumpkin (she wanted the four inch baby pumpkin instead)! And I came home with a container full of yummy homemade pumpkin seeds!