Monday, May 26, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. We spent our long weekend with my Mom's family in La Quinta celebrating my Grandmother's 85th Birthday!
Here's the whole gang before going out to Le St. Germain. Sorry babe, since I'm the one blogging at 11 at night I'm putting the one with me in it.
3. While the men played golf, the girls had a fantastic time at the children's museum. Kelsea got to paint a VW bug, make a pizza, go grocery shopping, sit on a real motorcycle, and go to the animal shelter and "adopt a pet." Hard to top that afternoon!

4. Painting the bug5. In line to check-out. This is often the stare I have on my face as I wait in line at the grocery store.
6. Kelsea making a pizza for Aunt Robie in exchange for a quarter, which Kelsea thought would be much more suitable as a topping for her pizza.
7. I earned my free Greenworks t-shirt yesterday. 12 classes in 30 days, with 4 days to spare, thank you very much! Funny thing is the smallest size that fit me was a large! What did they do, order kid sizes?

8. For those of you with kids, check out Garnet Hill's semi-annual sale. Chucks, skirts, and cargo pants for $9, t-shirts for $4, Morgan and Milo slip ons for $19...the list goes on, so check it out.

9. I love the way Kelsea says spliss-sploss (flip flops)...oh the sound of summer!

10. We are headed to Texas tomorrow to see Ava, Beau and Maren (and their respective parents) . It's suppose to be in the mid-90s-yikes!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. She did it! She pooped in the potty on Sunday. And we were all so proud. Who knew pooping could be this exciting...(besides all the men in my family)?! Granted she hasn't pooped in the potty since, but there is light at the end of the diaper tunnel. She also goes potty (pee) on her own at school with no help from her teachers. Progress I tell you, progress!

2. As promised (because of #1) we took Kelsea to Fashion Island to ride the horsies, (which she was too scared to sit on and instead we rode the bench). She held on to me for dear life with one arm, while the other arm waved at Daddy the entire ride. Who knew a Merry-Go-Round could be this terrifying? But guess what she's been talking about wanting to do the past two days? Yep, "I wanna ride the horsies Mommy." Whatever.
3. Also, as promised we took Kelsea to Build-a-Bear (a bit overwhelming for even Walis & I) to pick out a pink bear with pink clothes. Instead she settled on a little girl doll (didn't even know they had dolls!) that looks like Kelsea. Actually, no it doesn't she just happens to have blue eyes and light brown hair. Cathy, you will be happy to hear that she picked out the pink gymnastics outfit for her doll.

4. And to finish out the lovely afternoon we had a pinkberry (of course).

5. Just finished Naptime is the New Happy Hour: And Other Ways Toddlers Turn Your Life Upside Down. It had both Wallis and I laughing out loud. Thanks Cathy I needed a good chuckle! Click here for an excerpt.

6. Really looking forward to a 4 day weekend! Woo-hoo! What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?

7. We are heading to Palm Desert this weekend for Kelsea's Great Grandmother's 85th Birthday. While the family is golfing, I'm going to take Kelsea to the Children's Discovery Museum. Thanks Sara for the suggestion--Kelsea is going to love it!

8. We leave a week from tomorrow for San Antonio, TX to visit the Hennings and the Sandnesses. Kelsea is looking forward to seeing Ava & Beau again, and to meeting baby Maren for the first time! I'm looking forward to taking a percocet (or two) on the plane, while Wallis takes care of Kelsea 10 rows behind me. A girl can dream, right?

9. I leave you with two pictures from when Grandpa Mike came and visited in March. Wow has it really been two months already? Little late on the pictures because they were taken with the travel camera, and I just don't get around to downloading those very quickly.

10. Grandpa Mike pushing Kelsea on the swing at Veterans Park.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well, I have another thing to be grateful for. My promotion to GG-14 became official on Monday--woohoo! Since most of my family really has no idea what the heck "GG-14" means, its basically equivalent to a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force. Man I'm getting old....but I certainly won't turn down the pay raise. Looks like we're going to be able to afford this mortgage after all (at least for another year)! (-:

A special thanks to Michele and Tom who made it happen, I'm extremely grateful and very appreciative! I 'm so blessed to love what I do and the people I work with.

Party details later....

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~Marcel Proust

I had a lovely Birthday/Mother's Day weekend. It started on Friday when I got to spend the afternoon with my girlfriends doing girly stuff--lunch, margaritas, gelato, facials, manicures, and pedicures. And after just one margarita, (actually Cathy only had two sips of hers) we were all feeling very happy. Or maybe it was just the pure joy of being able to chat without any interruptions from the little ones. Thanks girls, I'm forever grateful for your friendship!
Saturday, Wallis and I took an Iyengar class and then went to dinner... alone. I wish we had a picture of us to insert here, but I don't. Maybe I'll remember to take one next time since dates like these don't happen often...must document them when I can! Thanks for babysitting Steve & Jennie. We'll repay you back someday...

Sunday we went to my parent's house for a Birthday/Mother's Day celebration. It was a bit of a struggle to get any photos with Kelsea, since she was much more interested in hunting for bugs. But what can you do, she's two...
with lots of love to give
and laughter to share
Thanks Mom for a wonderful Birthday dinner. I am so grateful to have you as my Mom. I love you!

Thanks Wallis, Kelsea, friends and family who have made this weekend so special--you truly do make my soul blossom!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Kelsea is back to sleeping in a crib. So much for transitioning her to a toddler bed. She did great the first week, and absolutely miserable the last three weeks. I think we're going to keep her in it until her feet start hanging out the slats of the crib...and even then....

2. Wallis and I joined Yogaworks. I've taken 4 different classes in the first week and loved them all. The facilities are amazing, the teachers have been excellent, and it's only 5 minutes from work. My girlfriend Cathy is also a member so I have a friend to try all these new crazy classes with. Today we took Barworks, which is a mix of pilates and yoga with a ballet bar. Besides a few too many push-ups (flashbacks of freshman year at USAFA) the class was fantastic!

3. We have now thrown out all of Kelsea's sippy cups that are known to have Bisphenol A (BPA). And as soon as I find where I stored all of Kelsea's old bottles those will be hitting the recycle bin as well. Which is fine by me, because those Dr. Brown bottles have WAY to many parts! And no Sara I still have not forgiven you for recommending me those bottles. (-:

4. There were lots of birthdays since my last post. Alla turned 3 on the 26th, both Cathy and my Mom shared a birthday on the 29th, and Jamie turned 4 on the 30th! Happy Birthday everyone!

5. Since it was my Mom's 60th Birthday we had a big party at the house. I now fully appreciate the many party's my Mom has thrown for all of us over the years! I drove Wallis nuts planning for the party, because I wanted everything to be perfect. I know hard to believe... but she is the best Mom in the entire world, and ya only turn the big 6-0 once! Thanks hon for putting up with me and cooking all 52 turkey/hamburgers! Here's a few pictures from the day...

My Dad's sisters Susan and Julie
6. My Pop and my Uncle Bruce (Julie's husband)
7. The Butlers and the Baileys (friends who are more like family). 8. The newly married couple, happily in love. (-:9. This was so yummy my mouth waters just thinking about it
10. Kelsea fascinated by the card that plays music EVERY time you open it! Thank god this card went home with Gramma.11. And since I haven't posted in almost two weeks here's some bonus pictures:
Four Generations of women (okay so I'm not in the picture, but I took the picture which sort of counts right?)
12. My brother smiling at Kelsea's love of all things girly--a new summer purse. I think behind that smile he is secretly hoping that boys are in his future...