Tuesday, May 18, 2010

15 Months

At 15 months you are walking (running wherever you can), climbing onto furniture, stairs, step stools and anything that looks challenging enough but not too challenging. Which is why you have no big desire to climb down our scary staircase and that is perfectly acceptable by us!

You must have had a growth spurt this month, because Dr. Sergis says you are in the 95th percentile in height (32.5 inches) and holding steady at 50th percentile in weight (22 pounds), and yes you still have a tiny head (25th). I am a little skeptical on the height measurement, since this photo doesn't look like a really tall 15 month old, but I guess we'll know in another 3 mos how accurate it is. At least I know you are growing and healthy, despite having your bad Mama dislocate your elbow last week. Next time I will let you fall and not pull you up by the arm, because clearly a fall would have been less painful than having your elbow popped out of it's socket!
Luckily you forgive easily and are still giving me the most wonderful hugs and kisses. We are only understanding a few of your words, (Mama, Dada, uh-oh, more, milk) and you are signing the two essentials (all done & more), but you certainly have way more to say than that (we just haven't figured out what that is).

One of your favorite games is "Where's Lorelei?" Here's a snippet:
Where's Lorelei?
There she is!
Where's Lorelei?
There she is! That never gets old (for you).
You are fiercely loved by your sister!
And enjoy chasing after her and doing whatever it is that she is doing,
like figuring out how to ride this scooter
You are growing up crazy fast, but we are enjoying every minute of it. Happy 1 1/4 Birthday Lorelei!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. About a month ago (actually the day before Easter) Lorelei got her first big girl haircut. Mama forgot her camera but at least had her phone to snap a photo of this momentous occasion. And I am happy to report that the back of her hair is starting to curl like Kelsea's did!
2. We had such a lovely time visiting the Vuoso Family's new digs, that we had to carry Kelsea out the door (crying). I at least got a couple photos of them playing at their nearby park.
3. Currently reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and with just 4 chapters left we will be moving on to James and the Giant Peach. Such a nice change to be reading chapter books!

4. Currently listening to A Fine Frenzy and Greg Laswell's new CDs.

5. I got an early Birthday (& Mother's Day, Anniversary, Christmas, etc) gift last month.
6. I took Kelsea to see the Dragon movie on Saturday. I loved it. Kelsea told me she liked it but did not want me to buy it when it came out on DVD. I think the dragons may have been a bit too intense for her. But no dragon nightmares so far, so I chalk that up as a win!

7. We got these taken for Mother's Day gifts this year. Sort of a painful experience with me having to leave the studio since Lorelei only wanted to climb in my lap. Of course leaving didn't solve anything, since she just wanted to run all over the place. And then Kelsea got tired of sitting there waiting on her sister and told the photographer she would only take two more photos. All I could hear was Wallis shouting (talking loudly that is) Kelsea smile, Lorelei sit down, Lorelei come back here, Kelsea smile at the camera, Lorelei stay etc. So it's a miracle we even got these!

8. Despite my other gift, Wallis got me this for my Birthday. It arrives next week-yippee! I will now be able to check my friends blogs and watch TV at the same time--ultimate laziness!

9. I had a lovely Mother's Day thanks to my wonderful husband who let me sleep in 'til 0730 (yes that is sleeping in), made me french toast, watched the kids while I had a 90 minute massage (heaven) and cooked the entire family a mexican fiesta (sangria and homemade salsa included). Thanks my love!

10. And I will leave you with just a few of my many attempts at getting a Mother's Day photo with my girls.
Kelsea trying to squeeze the love out of Lorelei
Lorelei trying to wiggle her way off my lap to freedom
Two of us are at least smiling and looking at the camera...
We can see all of our eyes! This one will have to do...
At least Kelsea wanted to take some with her Mama. Maybe someday Lorelei will too...

Monday, May 10, 2010

A Shower of Love (for Baby Love)

One month ago, (gosh has it really been that long?), Jennie's best friend Liza and her Mom (pictured below) threw Jennie a baby shower.
Many of Jennie's friends and family came to celebrate. And we were all smiles after a couple mimosas!
The food was delicious,
to include this yummy chocolate dessert, made by Jennie's dear friend Larry!
And there were of course plenty of games played, and letters written to Baby Ben by each of the guests for his Mama to open on each of his Birthday's (until age 25).
Lots of presents were opened, including this darling blanket made by Grandma Love

I think this Mama is very excited about becoming a Grandma!
Now we just have to wait for Baby Ben to arrive, I hear his Mama is ready...although she sure looks cute pregnant!