Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. So I have a bit of catching up to do, since it's been OMG three weeks since I've blogged! But hey, it is the Holidays and I am 7 (and a half) months pregnant, so cut me some slack...puh-lease.

2. So last Thursday, not only did Santa come to my work holiday party, but he came down our street too! Funny thing was Kelsea was in the bath because the first thing she had to do when she got home from school was play with her new Dora bath toy that a co-worker of mine got her for Christmas. So as soon as we heard Santa's sleigh outside we got her washed, dried and dressed in less than 3 minutes. I knew all that training in college would come in handy some day...3. The next day, Kelsea had her first Winter Program. Her school is divided into 4 groups of 6 kids, ages 2-5. Each group sang and spoke (well the teachers did most of the talking) about a different country's Holiday tradition. Kelsea's group did Noche Buena (Mexico). She wore white tights, white shirt, a bright orange tissue paper skirt and a black painted vest made out of a paper bag. (The kids helped make the costumes.) The vest had a poinsettia as a button, and her hair was tied up in a ponytail with the same flower. She looked pretty darn cute. They "sang" Feliz Navidad while they banged on their tambourines and danced around...well, I wouldn't quite call it dancing, but more like jumping around. Kelsea jumped so hard she fell backwards on her bottom, but that didn't stop her from getting right back up to dance some more. So where was my video camera or even digital camera, to capture all this magic? Oh well, there's always next year...
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
Much pleasure doth thou bring me!
5. We had Christmas Round 1 on Saturday since these two newlyweds are going to have themselves a white Christmas in Denver with Jennie's Mom. Hope you get to play in the snow!

6. Here's a couple of Kelsea playing with one of her new games from her aunt and uncle. I think she likes it. I'm excited that we get to start playing games with her!

7. The next day Kelsea had a play date with one of her new preschool friends, Juliann. In case you can't tell from the photos they are quite a pair! Cracks me up how much they look alike too.

8. That evening my dear friend Kelly came over for dinner and more Christmas fun.
9. Hard to believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. We are having breakfast in the morning with our friend Rob who moved to DC a couple months ago. Then Kelsea has her first date with Nate to the movies! (Supervised of course!) We are hoping a nap happens before we head off to mass and my parents house for dinner! And then...

10. Santa comes! And Kelsea says she wants to make sure Santa wakes her up so she can give him a hug and cookies, and carrots for the reindeer. How great it is to see Christmas through the eyes of an almost 3 year old.

I hope your Christmas is filled with as much fun and joy as ours!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Most thankful for:

1. the wonderfully yummy Thanksgiving dinner cooked by Aunt Robie & Uncle Doug.

2. this amazing stain remover that took all the wine out of Kelsea's dress and my sweater. And no it was not my glass of wine (sadly).

3. having time to watch two movies (at home). Charlie Wilson's War & Rendition. I guess we were in the mood for politics and watching how we have a tendency to screw things up.

4. finishing my Christmas Shopping.

5. wrapping all the Christmas Gifts (to include boxing up the gifts that need to be shipped).

6. Kelsea sleeping in her big girl bed last night (all night). Conversation went like this:
Mommy I want to sleep here tonight.
Why don't we wait until this weekend to sleep in your new room.
No Mommy I want to sleep hear now.
How come sweetie?
Because I want to save my crib for my baby sister.
Ok, you can sleep hear tonight if you promise to stay in bed.
I will
And to our delight she did!

7. 14 weeks of feeling Lorelei tumbling around in my belly, and only 10 (ish) more weeks until I get to see those arms and legs that wake me each morning.

8. my daughters love
9. their sisterly love...and they haven't even met yet
10. their love