Monday, January 17, 2011


Oh my goodness my baby girl turned 5 yesterday! At 1:01 to be exact. One of these years she is going to forbid me from taking this photo, but for now there she is the minute she turned 5!
I am pretty sure I JUST took this picture on her first birthday
and now she's an entire hand old! (And pretty darn excited about it.)
My only picture of her with a present. It all happened so fast, reminiscent of Christmas morning.
What started out as a Charlie and Lola cake, turned into a Rapunzel Cake.
I am pretty sure she was wishing that she would marry Nate someday, and that they would go live in the forest hunting wolves. At least that's what her wish was the other day as she blew out her bathroom candle (and Daddy promised his ears were closed).
I think she had a pretty good day from the look of it.
Wish us luck at Chuck E. Cheese next weekend!