Sunday, March 30, 2008

Three Weeks Old

This is what I came home to Wed night, thanks to our lovely, sweet, (and yes she's still alive) black dog, also known to some as Emily.
A view of the destruction from the loftThe cushion was bought 3 weeks ago after she tore apart the two that were there before. So much for sitting by the fire on a nice soft cushion, because that's the last cushion we'll be buying for the rest of Emily's life...which may be shorter than she was expecting.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. If J.J. can post "ten" after having this adorable one, then I have no excuses, so here's my Easter Edition of Ten on Tuesday.

2. Although her 3rd Easter, this was Kelsea's first time dying Easter eggs, and she was quite thrilled to see them change colors. Especially the pink ones...which were the first ones eaten, of course.

3. My turn Daddy! Whoa, look at that!4. The Easter bunny was very good to Kelsea. He even knew to leave Kelsea's surprises at Gramma and Grandpa Love's home! And yes, there is a slight tendency for us to go a little overboard when it comes to gifts for Kelsea...she is after all the first grandchild (on both sides).5. Kelsea has found her first egg! (She's getting her 2nd year molars so I think this is why her fingers have been in her mouth lately..) 6. I wish I could have taken this picture from inside the flower bed so that you could see the joy on her face when she found that egg hidden behind some flowers! 7. A couple pictures of Kelsea with her basket full of eggs.
8. I think she's in heaven, especially knowing that each one of those eggs contained a piece of chocolate.9. Kelsea with my parents after the egg hunt. She really just wanted to go open up all her eggs (and eat the contents) and was not very thrilled that Mommy was making her wait for pictures.
10. Thanks Nana Lucky and Aunt Robie for sending Kelsea all those Easter goodies. And a special thanks to my wonderful Mom for helping the Easter Bunny hide the eggs, for cooking a wonderful Easter dinner, and for taking Kelsea on a bear hunt after dinner. I know Torrance is a safer place after hearing about all those bears you caught!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pondegore is Here!

Look who has finally made his arrival into this world.

Congratulations Killins Family! We can't wait to meet your new love.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ten on Tuesday - Late Edition

1. I lost Reilly tonight. Went downstairs to give Kelsea a bath, and realized that I left the garage door open. Hadn't seen him since I got home, so in a frantic panic I grabbed Kelsea, shut the garage door (so that I wouldn't lose the other dog) and ran up and down the "avenues" calling out Reilly's name in my p.j.s. I'm sure people going on their evening strolls thought I was crazy (I thought I was crazy). After no success I returned home and guess who was at the door to greet me--yep Emily and Reilly. Reilly was found (or one might say he was never really lost in the first place), but I prefer the former.

2. Kelsea is back to watching Mary Poppins, at least we had a couple weeks break with "Cinderbella"

3. Kelsea has taken this toddler independent thing to an extreme. She has to get her own plate, pick out her own fork and her own cup at meals. Don't even try to peel the banana for her, or open any type of packaged food without letting her try first. She has to turn the water on at bath time, get into the bath by herself, and pick out the diaper she is going to wear to bed. If she needs diaper cream or lotion, she has to put it on. If its time to clean up, and I try to help then I get a "my turn, my turn, I clean up Mommy, I clean up." Well, well, well kiddo, clean away I tell ya, clean away!

4. Eva comes tomorrow. I'm not sure who I love more, my husband or my housekeeper? Just kidding babe, it's you, really it's you! I do love coming home to an Eva-cleaned house. That alone is almost worth working for...almost.

5. We're still patiently waiting for the arrival of Pondegore (well some of us are patient, J.J., not so much)

6. I'm rooting for Brooke on American Idol, love that she's a nanny (was a nanny) and plays the guitar and piano! And I'm really not getting the rocker people really think she sounds good?

7. I REALLY do not like editing photos, I spend way too much time on it. Looking for a website that I can download a few of my favorite photos have them edit them, and e-mail them back to me. I'd pay GOOD money for this service!

8. We have a busy weekend ahead. Jennie's Wedding Shower and Bachlorette Party...hope I can stay awake past 10pm. Plus our first year dying easter eggs!!

9. It's been 75 degrees the past week, but it's all coming to an end this weekend. Low 60s to high 50s this weekend with a chance of rain. And yes there are few people living in MN who think this is "toasty", but for us Californian's it's cold. Why, btw does it always rain on the weekend?

10. At least we got to enjoy the beautiful weather last weekend. We went to Veterans Park on Saturday with the lovely Bolander Boys. Can't beat a day at the park with warm sunshine and a view of the ocean! I leave you with a few pictures from the day:

I think she was in shock over all those kids running around in the sand, and wondering what to do first?
Johnnie found a family to play in the sand with, Kelsea watching from a safe distance... Do I dare try and help her into the swing, or do I let her try first? Peek-a-boo-I see you!
Johnnie (aka "Ladies Man"), content in the swing
One happy little girl

Thursday, March 6, 2008

So Far, So Good

A little prayer I came across at my chiropractor's office that I thought I would share since it always makes me giggle when I read it.

Dear Lord:

So far today Lord, I've done all right.
I haven't gossiped, haven't lost my temper,
haven't been greedy, grumpy, nasty, selfish,
or over indulgent. I am thankful for that.
But in a few minutes Lord, I'm going to be
getting out of bed, and, from then on,
I'm probably going to need a lot more help.