Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Anyone tried the new Google Chrome search engine yet? I'm not sold on it yet, still trying to figure out the settings.

2. We went to two fundraising pancake breakfasts (Lions Club & Torrance HS Athletics) this past weekend. Luckily I don't get on the doctor's scale for a couple more weeks!

3. My favorite band from high school is releasing their new CD next week!

4. We had a very productive weekend! Cleared out a lot of space in our storage/toy closet to accommodate more kid/baby "stuff", and cleaned out our guest room closet (future home of Kelsea's enormous wardrobe). Cross those two items off my list!

5. Despite the power lines and apartment buildings, Kelsea and I got a nice view of the sun setting while we ate dinner last week. Not such a bad way to end the day.
6. Since I don't think I've ever posted any photos of our "trial" kids (sorry we still love you guys!)
Reilly, age 9
Emily, Age 4
7. Two weeks from tomorrow the Stahrs and the Killins will be here! And we're going to Disneyland! (-:

8. Oh Boy! My girlfriend Cathy found out yesterday she's having another boy! Between her three sons, the Vuoso boys, and Alissa's baby due next month, my girls are going to have an entire crew to pick from! (25-30 years from now when they are allowed to date and get married, of course).

9. Kelsea napped in this on Sunday (there was no way of persuading her out of it). I can't believe she slept two hours in that thing.
In case you can't tell who or what that thing was ....10. I've had my eye on these headboards for a while and was excited to see them get marked down to 50% off! We ordered two of them yesterday for Kelsea's new room and they are being delivered on Saturday! I was thinking it would take 4-6 weeks not 4-6 days!

Our Trip to Paradise

As promised, a few photos from our trip to Maui (mostly of Kelsea of course)

Here is the view from our room's balcony. Not so bad for a garden view-we could see and hear the ocean just fine from our room! Did I mention this was a free room?
Here's a few of Kelsea while we were walking the grounds of our home for the next 5 nights. It was rare form that she let me take some photos of her so I thought I'd better enjoy the moment while it lasted!
And here's what a little girl Wallis looks like (-:
Enthralled with the fishes in the chapel pond With Wallis gone at the conference all day, it was very helpful having two more sets of hands to watch this little one.Especially when Kelsea spent most of her days chasing waves and building sand castles at the beach, and playing at the INCREDIBLE infant baby beach pool.
Sometimes the waves are a little faster than you. This one plummeted Kelsea in the face as she was drawing circles in the wet least she's laughing!Gramma Laurie building sand castles with Kelsea, a very serious job!But after all that hard work, sometimes you just have to sit back, relax,
kick up your feet a bit andjust enjoy watching the waves
And finally after a long and sandy bath it's time to rest before the next big adventure
Thanks Mom and Dad for making this such a fun trip for us! Sorry Wallis maybe next time you'll get to join in on the fun. And a shout out to NGST for footing most of the bill. (-:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. Instead of editing the rest of our Maui pictures, I'm forced to watch the premier of Heroes, so you'll have to check back later this week for a post on our trip.

2. Kelsea's new favorite show is Sid the Science Kid. Nice to have a break from George (for at least a little while).

3. Even though we've been married for over nine years now, Wallis has officially become part of the family now. His diploma from the USC School of Engineering is on it's way! Which really means more time for him to finish the "get ready for the baby list".

4. Kelsea is in a new clothing phase. A few weeks ago it was shorts, now she will only wear dresses or skirts. Hopefully this phase will end before "winter" (the quotes are for our MN friends) or I will have to invest in a few pairs of leggings and tights.

5. I finished 2 books and 3 magazines during our trip to Maui. It was so nice to read and relax throughout the day and not just those last 15 minutes before crashing on the pillow.

6. I highly recommend that all vacation plans include grandparents. Otherwise #5 never would have happened.

7. Kelsea is very excited that my belly contains her baby sister. She has already set aside 3 stuffed animals and her ballet slippers for her baby sister.

8. At the young age of two and half Kelsea adores clothes. She went through the Mini Boden catalog with my Mom and showed her all the pink dresses and skirts she wanted Santa to bring her. And speaking of Santa, Kelsea has quite a list for Santa Claus. Here's just a few requests: big girl bed, pink bike, pink watch, pink camera, pink flowered dress, pink polka-dot skirt, brown ballet flats with pink polka dots, pink umbrella...see a theme here?

9. Kelsea also adores her panties. When she was having one of her two year old moments, I told her in not so much of a whipser, "I'm taking your panties away." I'm not sure I've ever her seen her more upset about the prospect of losing all her panties! Not one of my greatest Mommy moments, but it sure worked on ending her tantrum.

10. Lastly, I don't recommend blogging while trying to watch a complicated show like Heroes....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's a ....

And yes this little alien is our baby girl. And more importantly she is a healthy baby! Looks like the "psychic" was right...we will have to see if she's right about her personality (fingers are crossed). Kelsea was very excited to hear that she's going to have a baby sister. We will see if she is just as excited 5 mos from now! (-:

Friday, September 5, 2008

Flashback Friday

In honor of Football Season and USC jumping to #1 in the polls, I thought this was an appropriate flashback photo (taken on Kelsea's "8 month Birthday").

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Reading

So, as mentioned in an earlier post, we have a "psychic" that works security at our desk lobby at the Aerospace Corporation. I finally got a minute to chat with her after she had told Cathy last week she thought I was having a girl. Here's a synopsis of what she told me:

She definitely sees girl, however she did preface this by saying she has been wrong twice. I should of asked out of how many. She will have hair similar to my color, and will look more like me but with bigger eyes. Not sure how that's going to happen since neither Wallis or I have "big" eyes. She said this child would be much more of an observer, and a Mama's girl. She will be much more laid back and will not understand why her older sister is always getting into things. I'm sure she was thinking "trouble" but didn't want to scare me. (-: She said that Kelsea is definitely a leader, with strong opinions. We should not push her into any one thing, but to give her choices. OMG that's a constant happening in our house right now! We have to let her choose EVERYTHING! Hair clips (although she prefers "crazy hair" right now), shoes, socks, clothes, panties, food, plates, bowls, utensils--you name it and she has to pick it out herself or there is drama. She also said the two sisters personalities would be very different but that they would still love each other because they are sisters. I'm hoping that means we're not going to have a lot of drama and fighting in the house (ya right).

We'll find out on Wednesday if she at least got the gender right. She was spot on when describing Kelsea's personality. And we've been praying for an easy going kid...maybe our prayers will be answered...(-:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ten on Tuesday - Baby Shower Edition

1. We went with the Safari/Jungle theme to match Baby Opfer's cute bedding. Which made these a perfect favor for all our young (and the young at heart) guests. The cake design was based off the plates and napkins we got online. We even made a safari diaper cake topped with a monkey and a giraffe. Really wish I had taken a picture of it--duh?! Hopefully someone did...

2. Three generations of such lovely women!
3. Alissa and her dear friend from LMU, Nichole.4. And Nichole's two sons
Ryan ( I think he just sank a-hole-in-one)
and Sean
and one more of Sean, cuz he's just too darn cute! Ryan giving a few golf pointers to Kelsea
5. This is the grin I get when I ask Kelsea to smile...
6. And this darling model, is Ava.
7. Logan needing a helping finger. And yes I ended up taking more pictures of the kids and not the adults...with such cute little ones running around how could you not? 8. And Kelsea enjoying a ride with Olivia and Barrett. Thanks Bryan for entertaining the girls...who knew you would get a such a workout at your Baby Shower?

9. And who knew that her own Dad would be the winner of the string around the belly game?
10. If we look a little tired (we are). This was taken after most the guests had left.
My Mom and I had such a great time throwing this for you & Bryan! What a wonderful mother you are going to be! We love you very much and are looking forward to meeting the little guy...just two more months!