Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ten on Tuesday - Why start a blog?

1. Peer Pressure

2. I hear all the cool people have one

3. Since I haven't been very good about sending out updates & pictures of Kelsea lately, I'm hoping this will force me to stay on top of these sorts of things

4. So I can write down all the silly things Kelsea does and says and reflect back on it when I'm old and gray...for example, when she took off her diaper on Saturday and pee'd on the living room floor..is it too early to potty train?

5. So family & friends can keep in touch, especially those that are not close by

6. So I can say I have a blog

7. So that some day Kelsea can read all about her early years, and in turn share those stories with her children

8. So I can post pictures like these from our trip to MN (taken by our dear and talented friend J.J. Killins) And some day "J.J. Killins" will be a hyperlink that will take you to her blog...

9. So Kelsea can remember what is really important in life, like the friends she makes along the way...

10. So Mama can remember what really matters at the end of the day...

Monday, November 26, 2007

happy halloween! (oh wait that was last month...)

If you sit still and let Mommy take some pictures of you, you can have ONE piece of candy...
Candy? Candy? Candy pease? Candy pease, pease? Candy?

Ok, if I give you ONE piece of Candy, you have to sit still so Mommy can take your picture

Hmmm, well I think I got one of you sitting...and I wanted to get a picture of the back of your costume anyway...sigh

Just in time to watch the sun set across the Pacific, not a bad view on Halloween Night...