Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. It was only a matter of time. As she was making her way onto the couch, Kelsea told me that her baby was very hungry and that she could only eat from her. Luckily Wallis had his blackberry handy so we could capture our little Mommy-in-training.
2. Yesterday we took Lorelei to an orthopedic surgeon for her hips. The pediatrician had heard clicking in one of her hips at her two week appointment, so she had an ultrasound done which showed borderline hip dysplasia, (which I had previously only heard of in German Shepards...thanks to my many years of service to animal rescue). But I digress, her pediatrician wanted a specialist to review the results and re-examine her hips. The orthopedic surgeon thinks her hips are probably fine, but wants us to put her in TRIPLE diapers for 6 weeks and then do another ultrasound. Holy moly it's not like we're not changing enough diapers already! Sigh...

3. We have a lovely new addition to our front "porch." This is now a lovely spot to watch Kelsea ride her bike, blow bubbles, and make a complete and utter mess with Moon Sand (this is not a product endorsement, unless you enjoy picking up tiny particles of colored sand all over the house).
4. Kelsea had the first orange from our tree last week. It was quite yummy according to Kelsea. Maybe I'll get to taste one of these.
5. Kelsea and Lorelei took their first bath together last week. Kelsea was quite the little helper, while Lorelei just hung out enjoying the warm water.
6. Wallis is gone again this week. Off to Colorado for the Space Symposium, which just happens to be hosted at the Broodmo0r (5 Star Hotel in Colorado Springs). Must be nice getting all that sleep (not that I'm jealous).

7. I'm in a TV watching predicament. Three of my favorite shows, American Idol, Life & Lost all come on at the same day/time and I can only DVR two of them! Which I don't understand by the way? Why is it only two?

8. I am now a proud member of Greenpeace. Actually, I really just felt sorry for the poor guy at Trader Joes that kept getting turned down. But hey, I'm all for saving the polar bears and leaving this earth a little better for our children.

9. Nothing like having a newborn to make time fly. I can't believe tomorrow is April! Happy Birthday Nana Lucky! We hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!

10. Here's a couple to put a smile on your face. Happy 6 week little girl. Mama just loves your smile.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

One Month

I feel a little cheated with February being a short month. You are really only 28 days old which is at least two days shorter than any other month. So let's just say you're 4 weeks old instead.

You can hold up your head and turn it to the other side when on your tummy or laying on my chest. Although you still are eating every three hours at night you go right back to sleep. You have had your first bottle given to you by your big sister. You love, love, love the swing. Your hair is still the color of your Daddy's and your eyes are still blue and you are just so easy to love!
Weighing in at 9 pounds 4 ounces, here's a few of our little Lorelei on this special birthday.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. I HEART Daylight Savings!

2. Birth announcements are almost all made. Only problem is I can't decide which photo to order!

3. Tonight is Kelsea's third night in her big girl bed. Seven more and the Laughrey's will be heading to Disneyland. Yes we bribe our child with trips to Disneyland...worked with potty training at least.

4. Wallis leaves Friday for a week of "war gaming" in Vegas. Sounds like an excuse to go play video games and get a full 7 nights worth of sleep if you ask me.

5. Lorelei is in need of this already. You have no idea how much I want to pick at some of those whities!

6. 19 down, 14 to go (pounds that is). At least Kelsea is no longer asking me if her baby brother is in my belly.

7. I'm going back to Yoga class tomorrow (to hopefully help with those last 14).

8. We broke down and bought one of these this weekend. Now Wallis and I will be able to run together when Lorelei gets old enough. Or better yet, Wallis can take the girls and I can sit in a quiet house for a few minutes.

9. My baby turned three weeks old yesterday...and in six days she will be one month old...sigh
10. Here's a few that Wallis took of me with my youngest baby girl.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. First night on my own with "the girls". Hopefully they will all be on their best behavior! HA!

2. A special thanks to Jennifer who brought dinner over last week. It was delicious--MUST get the recipes (including those amazing brownies)! And another thanks to Erin who brought dinner over so that we wouldn't starve tonight while Wallis is in D.C.

3. Jimmy meet Lorelei.

Do you mind if she sucks on your face for a while?
4. A few of Kelsea at ballet (taken through a viewing glass).
Kelsea's interpretation of
this. Close huh? Oh how it makes me laugh!
A couple pics after class5. Poor Melissa. Is it mean of me to find this funny?

6. Lorelei grunts in her sleep...loudly.

7. Lorelei has given us the gift of sleep for her two week birthday. We got a 4 hour stretch of sleep at night for two nights in a row. We are hoping this is a continuous trend.

8. At the doctors yesterday we found out she has gained 1 pound and has grown 1.5 inches since birth !

9. Here's a few from her two week "photo shoot".
I think this is how she felt about the entire ordeal
10. Especially since she pooped, peed and spit up during it. Pretty impressive huh?