Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

Kelsea was so excited about "America's Birthday". Mostly because we were "having a party" and going to the beach with our lovely friends!
Sara chasing after Jake and Adam.
We missed Paul since he had to work (like most firefighters), but luckily Sara's Mom, Angela was visiting from Texas. With all these kids we could use another pair of hands (especially when it comes to the all important job of building sandcastles)!
And of course burying our kids in the sand! Kelsea was all about Adam yesterday. Watch out Nate you may have some competition! The Bolanders also joined us at the beach with their three boys in tow. Here's Johnnie dragging his Daddy toward the waves. Yep, I can definitely see why Rick has some back issues.
Joey was not so sure about the oceanThe littlest babes at the beach, Lorelei & Jimmy Kelsea's favorite past time, running in and out of the waves
And thanks to Cathy for taking a couple family photos!We then headed back for some warm baths and yummy food (even though I have no pictures to show for it).

After our friends headed home for naps, we made our way later that day to our friend Alissa's house for a potluck block party. They even rented a jumper with a slide--Kelsea was in heaven!
The girls with Alissa's baby, Landon. Hard to believe he's only 3 months older than Lorelei!
My beautiful girls on Lorelei's first 4th of July! We hope everyone had a fun and festive 4th of July!


Shelly Z. said...

These are adorable photos! So fun that you all got together at the beach. Great family photo too. Don't you find it's harder and harder to get those when you have two?

J.J. Killins said...

so so cute! were you guys COLD!?!?!?

Cathy Bolander said...

Such a nice post & yes that probably is part of the reason Rick has back problems. Love the matching dresses on the girls.