Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ten on Tuesday (with a special Bonus)

1. It would be interesting to have an expert psychoanalyze how Kelsea's dollies take naps.  One might say she likes structure and organization.  Not sure where she could have got that from?
2. I had (what I thought) was a great idea of taking Kelsea to see Mary Poppins as either a Christmas or Birthday present.  After realizing a decent ticket was going to cost well over $100, I thought it might be a good idea to ask her if she would like to see Mary Poppins live on stage. She was unusually quiet.
Me:  That's okay Kels we don't have to see Mary Poppins.  Maybe you would like to go in a couple years?
Kelsea: Contemplating this idea for a few moments.. Maybe when I'm 10. More thinking. I want her to stay in the TV.
Me: But you loved seeing her at Disneyland!  I bet you'll want to see her before that.  You love Mary Poppins!
Kelsea: More silence. How many years are you Mommy?
Me:  Thirty-two.
Kelsea:  When I'm thirty-two we'll go see it.
Well alrighty then, scratch that one off the list (thank goodness I asked)!
3.  I am very excited about having Halloween on a Saturday this year.  No rushing home from work to get the kids fed and dressed and ready for trick or treating (and photos of course).
4.Wallis made the mistake of telling Kelsea we were going to take her to the shoe store to let her pick out a pair of shoes since hers fell apart Friday.  Side note: I always buy shoes on sale with a pair waiting in the closet for when she outgrows the pair she is wearing. Which probably explains her excitement about going to the store to pick out a pair on her own. I unfortunately made the mistake of taking her to Nordstroms.  (And no, I don't know what I was thinking).  So, we came home with these.  Next time, it's a trip to Target.  
5. It only took one weekend of Lorelei crawling to find the best toys in the house (that are within a foot off the ground).  Oh the treasures to be found in a trash can (that can of course be placed in ones mouth)!  And what toy can beat the feel and sound of a doorstop!?
6. It's been 90 degrees here.  I'm ready for 65 degree fall weather, actually make that 68 degrees.  
7. Kelsea made me this lovely necklace out of floss (unused thankfully) and safety pins.  Maybe I can wear it on causal Fridays?

8.  Oh bummer- neither the Dodgers nor the Angels are in the World Series.  
9.  Weird things going on at the Laughrey house.  After several months of it not working, our wine cooler mysteriously turned on.  Back from summer vacation maybe? If  we hadn't been too busy (lazy) to figure out where to dispose of it, we would have replaced it.  Lorelei's light on her ceiling fan arbitrarily turns on at night.  The speed of the fan will increase randomly too.  Not sure if we should call a priest or an electrician?
10.  I still look at my Mac monitor in wonderment.  Really, there's a computer in there?  Genius!
11.  I'm going to be an AUNTIE.  Oh I'm so excited!  Congratulations Steve and Jennie.  Baby Love expected to arrive late May/early June.


Cathy Bolander said...

Maybe you have an unexpected friendly ghost at your house. Johnnie thinks we do for no other reason than Word World's Halloween episode. And YAY! for Stevie & Jennie. So happy for them.

Wallis Laughrey said...

A couple of things I would like to point out in my defense:

1) I told her some Skechers (but I guess that was too far of a trip (3 vs 5 miles))!

2) We werent being lazy, just waiting for it to fix itself. Success! Now we just wait on the ceiling fan.

3) Why didnt my Mary Poppins answer (I want to see it when Im 102) work?

Fantastic post hon!

Megan said...

Congrats to Jenny and Stevie! I love those shoes but, yes, Target is much cheaper. That's funny Kelsea worked through all that with the Mary Poppins thing. She knew it would probably not be for her and made the decision to wait. She is so much like Mazie.

Sara said...

Congrats Auntie Katie!!! Great post and LOVE the shoes Kelsea picked. Payless isn't a bad place either. Adam and my podiatrist said they are just fine as long as they have breathing room in the toes and fit width wise as well. Oh and I necklace is beautiful.

J.J. Killins said...

congrats to your bro and his wife! yay! that's so exciting! that dolly situation looks exactly like ours at naptime, too. all tucked in, tho, with all the dang washcloths ms alla can find!