Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

1. Transition week with Wallis in Florida is really no fun. Four days down and three to go!

2. Lorelei had a good day at daycare. I stopped by at lunch and she was playing and talking. She drank all her milk and took two naps. Small victories!

3. I am not a fan of breaking in new shoes. Can anyone recommend a shoe brand that carries 2-3 inch heels that are both comfortable and cute? My Bandolino ones certainly are not.

4. Kelsea has been a great helper this week. Although we really miss Daddy and can't wait for him to get back, it's been much calmer in our house with him gone. I can't figure out why that is?? Maybe I'm just calmer and more patient with Kelsea when I know it's only me that will have to deal with any sort of tantrum or whining frenzy.

5. Kelsea reading Lorelei a bedtime story. Doesn't look like Lorelei was too interested in anything but those polka dots!
6. We took Kelsea to see Up on Sunday. A bit of a downer for Kels. She was so upset when "Kevin" got captured and cried the rest of the movie. She is still talking about those scary dogs and how sad she was about Kevin.

7. Hard to believe that Lorelei will be 4 mos old in one week! Hard to believe that this was Kelsea just 3 years ago.
8. This is my last weekend before I go back full time to get stuff done! To include thank-you cards from Lorelei's baptism!

9. I hope we get to a Game 7, just to make it more exciting. Go Lakers!

10. I have an easy and fun (for the kids) Father's Day project if anyone is out of ideas. I would tell you about it, but that my spoil the fun for our Dads and Grandpas!


Megan said...

It's calmer because of you and the fact that Kelsea is trying to be a big helper. It probably won't always be like that but take it when you get it. Mazie was the same way. Some trips were great and others weren't as good. Mostly they were great though! I love that Lorelei is checking out the dots. Those two are so beautiful.

J.J. Killins said...

i want your father's day idea!

oh i hope you get thru the rest of the week ok!

those were exactly alla's thoughts about UP - i had NO idea about that turn of events in the movie! those dogs were very mean and in your face and alla did NOT like kevin being captured either. she's sensitive like that:)

Cathy Bolander said...

So sweet that Kelsea is reading to Lorelei.

Jennifer said...

I am totally out of Father's Day ideas. Email me, please!!!!

becky said...

I could use your ideas too! Please let me know!