Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Princess Ladybug. Up until a couple weeks ago she was going to be Princess Cinderella. But, after watching the "owl" movie at the theater a couple weekends ago we went browsing through the PV shops. Shortly after I told Kelsea we were not buying ANYTHING, she came across this dress at the toy store and asked if we could please buy this so she could match her sister for Halloween. SOLD! (I am such a sucker for the girls matching!)
My little ladybugs
Mama trying to convince Lorelei to wear her hat (she preferred the bucket instead).
Daddy with his ladybugs.
Dizzy the Giggling Monster (and his parents)
Peek-a-boo, where's Lorelei? Hmmm...maybe that's why she preferred the bucket to the hat?
The comparison shot. I look at the picture of Kelsea, and think wow she really hasn't changed. Those eyes and that smile are just the same as when she was one. Makes me wonder if I'll say the same thing about Lorelei in three years!
Kelsea loving Ben
First picture of all cousins together!
Not really sure what to make of his first Halloween.
Grandma Laurie chasing ladybugs out of her yard before we head out and get way too much candy!
And after all that fun, someone PASSED OUT on the way home


Cathy Bolander said...

Your ladybugs were very cute. ANd I think mama should have just worn the ladybug hat trick or treating since it fit. HA! Love the photo of the cousins. Happy Halloween! And if you want more candy you can have ours. The boys ate a piece on Halloween & haven't wanted any since even though I offer them some.

Megan said...

They are cute little bugs! I agree with Cathy. Why didn't you and Wallis dress up too?

J.J. Killins said...

what adorable little bugs! halloween is hard work, no wonder they passed out!

Sara said...

I love that she wore the bucket. They both looked adorable.