Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another First

Kelsea's first soccer game was Sunday. She was so excited, she wore her uniform all weekend long. I even caught her dancing in her shin guards and underwear. Here's some snippets of the game:

The girls getting some pre-game coaching. I love that the practices are built into the game time. 15 minute practice. 6 minute quarters. The perfect amount of time to keep the kids attention.
Kelsea practicing dribbling and shooting before the game. I am very excited that one of the father's on Kelsea's team is a professional photographer-score! Can't wait to see his photos!
Kelsea's 4 adorable teammates (Amanda, Ruby, Kate & Kylie).
Lined up and ready to play
The cheering squad (minus Grandma)
Kelsea was glowing with happiness at the end of the game. This extra glow might be due scoring her first soccer GOAL! She dribbled the ball down half the field and kicked it right into the goal! She was so proud of herself (and her Mama and Dada might have been a little proud too). I think she's going to be a soccer player... :-)


Cathy Bolander said...

I knew you would have yourself a young soccer player. Definitely share the photog's pics. Congrats on the goal.

Megan said...

So cool. Good Job Kelsea!

J.J. Killins said...