Sunday, February 21, 2010

Her Party (our party)

Decorations: Flowers, balloons, table cloths, heart confetti (which we are still finding around the house), and this little banner my Mom and I threw together 45 minutes before the festivities began. 
And there was lots of food, thanks to those great chefs at the Loft.
A few presents.  I know, it's hard to resist buying clothes for little girls.  Thank you friends and family for all your contributions to Lorelei's registry.  We were able to donate two Hope Baskets, a gift of trees, two flocks of ducks, one flock of chicks and a goat to some needy families around the world!
And of course a birthday party wouldn't be a party without some cake.  
And  candle:
At least the adults are looking at the camera.  Lorelei is much to enthralled with what's been put in front of her.
And I think the cake was a winner!
She didn't leave much for leftovers, but she did discover frosting makes for good finger paint.
Luckily we had some wonderful friends and family to share (the other) cake with:

Uncle Steve and Aunt Jennie (carrying cousin Ben...which is short for a name that is still in debate)
Some pretty Mamas and their babies
Our beautiful aunts and cousin
The van Weezendonk family, who will be missed when they head off to VA this summer
Some of our littlest guests playing with our most popular toy:
Landon and his Grandma Marta
Just a week apart, Jimmy & Lorelei had no interest in smiling for the camera or even looking at the camera.  So much for their first Valentine's Day picture together!

And finally to wrap up this wonderful day, some of the birthday girl:
A few of Lorelei enjoying the warm sun on the balcony.
Look I'm walking, are you watching me Mama?


Cathy Bolander said...

I love the one of her back. So pretty & that picture of her with her fist on her chin. She cracks me up. It really was a sweet party. And I'm still so jealous that she actually enjoyed her cake. I'm hoping for a second chance on his actual birthday.

Megan said...

It looks like a lovely party. She is such a pretty little girl. I'm glad it was a happy day!

Sara said...

The banner is genius. I love it. Sorry we miss such a wonderful party. I am with Cathy with her "model" picture. So perfect.

J.J. Killins said...

i wish i would have been there to celebrate! oh that dress! i am picturing kelsea in it from her first:)