Monday, June 16, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

1. We had a lovely Father's Day. Wallis had a great round of golf with Rick Bolander, while Mama and Kelsea went to the Farmer's Market. Twenty minutes after putting Kelsea down for a nap, I heard Mommy, come on Mommy, it's time to go! I'm ready to go swimming at Gramma and Grampa's now. Moommmmyyyy. We gotta goooo! And 10 minutes after that she was sound asleep. So after a nice long nap, off we went to my parents to swim, watch a little golf, eat a little BBQ, and watch a little basketball.

2. Kelsea's new pool toy. Don't even dare come near her when she's in it. She needs NO help!
3. Jump!
4. Wallis hoping to turn Kelsea into an Olympic swimmer 5. Kelsea and Daddy watching the Lakers.
6. Kelsea then thought everyone should have a turn....
7. Hmmm, I see the resemblance
8. Isn't this sweet?
9. But this one is even better. Funny Grampa!
10. Happy Father's Day to my Daddy. We love you!
Happy Father's Day Grandpa Mike and Pop! We hope you had a wonderful day and love you very much. We're sending hugs and kisses your way!


Megan said...

Great 10. I love those pictures. Kelsea resembles your brother and dad so much. I am glad you had a wonderful day.

J.J. Killins said...

looks like a wonderful day!

Shelly Z. said...