Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Her Second Birthday

So we started out her special day, well, sleeping of course...she was born at 1:01 in the morning you know! Yes, we set the alarm clock for 1:00 so that I could get down there and snap the picture at 1:01, and I will continue to do this for her next 16 birthdays, is it really only 16 more?

Kelsea woke up in the morning to find in her room two presents from Granddaddy Mike. The first was a stroller for her Bitty Baby, and the second was this. She was is heaven!
After many stroller rides, and inchworm bounces, we finally made it out of the house and to the Aquarium were we got to "see fish." And since I took my travel camera most of the photos I came home with are of other parents children, since she certainly could not hold still long enough for the camera to take the picture. Note to self: bring SLR next time. But my lovely husband did snap one of the two of us. After lunch at Bubba Gumps, we went home to take a much needed nap! I guess her birthday was wearing her out because she slept for almost 3 hours! Whoo-hoo!
Of course by the time she did wake up (4:15) there wasn't much natural light left to take photos, but I did get one of her pretty blue eyes.

It was a day of opening gifts from the Grandparents, because Gramma Laurie and Grandpa Steve came over next with a bag full of goodies. She was especially fond of the new clothes she received for her not so well dressed Cabbage Patch Kids (that were once mine).

And finally we ended the day with a Creative Cakery cake that was to die for. Kelsea did not eat that entire cake, although she would have eaten all the frosting off the top if we had let her.Thanks for a wonderful day Kelsea, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Stay tuned for birthday party pictures later this week....


Megan said...

I am so happy that her birthday was so nice. All of my pictures from the times we went to the aquarium are full of other kids as well. We always seemed to go when there were school kids there on field trips.

J.J. Killins said...

happy birthday little one!

Cathy Bolander said...

We were very happy we got to celebrate her birthday! And you're so lucky that you can take birthday photos. Johnnie will always be in school during his birthday time. Maybe I will have to keep him home each year just so I can get that photo :-0 Can't wait to see party pics.

Shelly Z. said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Kelsea! She looks so cute with her crown and wand. What a birthday girl!!!