Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sneak Peek

Check out this blog to see a sneak peak of our photo shoot by the talented Ms. Erin Cobb. We can't wait to see more--amazing job my friend!

It seems like it was just yesterday her husband Coleman (aka Brent) was our Cadet Squadron Commander--LOL! Kelsea was so excited to meet their daughter Sarah who is of the same age. I think we could have left Kelsea in their hotel room for the day and she would have been perfectly happy. ;-)

Monday, January 17, 2011


Oh my goodness my baby girl turned 5 yesterday! At 1:01 to be exact. One of these years she is going to forbid me from taking this photo, but for now there she is the minute she turned 5!
I am pretty sure I JUST took this picture on her first birthday
and now she's an entire hand old! (And pretty darn excited about it.)
My only picture of her with a present. It all happened so fast, reminiscent of Christmas morning.
What started out as a Charlie and Lola cake, turned into a Rapunzel Cake.
I am pretty sure she was wishing that she would marry Nate someday, and that they would go live in the forest hunting wolves. At least that's what her wish was the other day as she blew out her bathroom candle (and Daddy promised his ears were closed).
I think she had a pretty good day from the look of it.
Wish us luck at Chuck E. Cheese next weekend!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankful for

My loving, patient husband
My beautiful, sweet girls
Delicious food. (Thanks Mom!)
Family nearby to share it with
My darling nephew
And his wonderful family
My grandparents that are still with us and those that I miss dearly
Family that we don't see nearly enough
My amazing friends (both around the corner and all across the country)

All the photographers in my life who are so willing to share their talents!
My Christmas decorated home

And last (but certainly not least), this little guy or gal that we are looking forward to bringing home this summer (EDD 27 Jun).

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Princess Ladybug. Up until a couple weeks ago she was going to be Princess Cinderella. But, after watching the "owl" movie at the theater a couple weekends ago we went browsing through the PV shops. Shortly after I told Kelsea we were not buying ANYTHING, she came across this dress at the toy store and asked if we could please buy this so she could match her sister for Halloween. SOLD! (I am such a sucker for the girls matching!)
My little ladybugs
Mama trying to convince Lorelei to wear her hat (she preferred the bucket instead).
Daddy with his ladybugs.
Dizzy the Giggling Monster (and his parents)
Peek-a-boo, where's Lorelei? Hmmm...maybe that's why she preferred the bucket to the hat?
The comparison shot. I look at the picture of Kelsea, and think wow she really hasn't changed. Those eyes and that smile are just the same as when she was one. Makes me wonder if I'll say the same thing about Lorelei in three years!
Kelsea loving Ben
First picture of all cousins together!
Not really sure what to make of his first Halloween.
Grandma Laurie chasing ladybugs out of her yard before we head out and get way too much candy!
And after all that fun, someone PASSED OUT on the way home

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Good fun at the Pumpkin Patch

On Saturday the family (and I mean the entire family) headed to the pumpkin patch in Long Beach for some family fun.

Kelsea was very excited to see that this place offered much more than pumpkins! Despite all the excitement I still managed to get her to take some pics with her sister before she ran off to the rides.
And we even got one of the entire family!
And of course a darling picture of the Love Family. I was amazed at how much Ben had grown since I last saw him and looking more and more like his beautiful Mama (but a handsome version of course)!
The petting zoo was a huge hit with Lorelei. Unfortunately I have not figured out how to take normal looking pictures inside a tent!
A boat ride, just what every pumpkin patch needs?
Twirling in circles (truly only fun for kids)
Peek-a-boo (never mind that's suppose to be an arm hole)
Lorelei and Dada
"What does Lorelei say?" Pointing to herself "lah-lie" (our way of trying to get her to smile for the camera).
Lorelei hanging out (momentarily) with Grandpa but at least long enough to get one picture!
Lorelei picking out a pumpkin or two
I think this one's just a little too heavy....
I think this one will make a great climbing pumpkin Mom!
Kelsea's highlight of the entire day--face painting
Such love those two have for eachother!
And after all that fun, we left the patch pumpkinless-LOL!

But we did end the evening with dinner at Mimi's (kids eat free in Oct-yea!) which also happened to be right across the street! I love how those things work out!